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Our mission is to produce the highest quality products, at a great value, while providing an unparalleled level of integrity and customer service.  We offer performance wheel-set exclusively for MTB, and every wheelset we produce is built by hand with dedication and passion.  We are cyclists who want to share our love of cycling.  We put a tremendous amount of attention and care into designing each wheel-set, and it shows -just try one of our wheels…. better quality, durability, and performance than many other wheelsets that cost much more.  We build our wheels not only to outperform but to do so for many years and thousands of miles of hard riding.



Carbon Endurance Components was developed by its founder, Pierre-Arnaud Le Magnan., Totalizing more than 35 years experience in Carbon fibers crafting.  Pierre's passion for innovative and bike design is so strong, CHIRU bikes was founded in 2009. As a result of his expertise, know-how, endless testing sessions and racing experience, a high end mountain bike for the discerning endurance rider and racer, quickly earning 2 World championship titles of adventure racing. As a logical quest in biking performance,  Pierre started to investigate how to improve bike overall performance by working on the wheels and bike components. After 2 years of relentless testing and products racing around the world with Team Chiru, CEC was born. Innovation and performances are the motto of the brand, let the story unfold !!